Weekly activities

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Again last days in week…In Romania the time is running. Again ended one week full of positive expressions, news and new discoveries.

Last week took place several interesting events. Green Sun Association organized Spring Green Days events which were very interesting. I mostly liked the guitar night where we enjoyed Spanish and some English songs.

This week I went to several schools, where with my friends organized green activities.

At first we were with the green sun school in Kézdikővár, Ozsdola village, then in Torja village. The last school was Turóczi Mózes in Kézdivásárhely.

Were a lot of children with different ages. All of them love us and expect us very friendly. For them me and my friends we were the interesting foreiginers. For them also very interesting Armenia and Armenian letters J I think for them it is interesting because Armenian letters not like latin letters, they are very unique.

I also want to add that I liked this town very much. This is small and quiet town where almost everyone know each other.

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