Waiting for May!

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Time is passing very fast! Almost two months here and March and April were very different and that is good, I’m learning a lot so my aim until now is being fulfilled. This Sunday we will go to Sibiu because we have a big event with all the volunteers that  are now in Romania, we will spend one week and after Enrique and I will go until 8 May to Danube Delta and Bucovina Monasteries, so I don’t have time to be bored.

This week we planted more things in our little flat and the star of our future orchard will be “Pimientos de Padrón” (peppers of Padrón) so I will try to have a little piece of Galicia in Romania, my mother send me some seeds and she want also a competition between her orchard and our. We have 18 plants of tomatoes, onions and common peppers so we can survive..

I could swim since the last blog entry because we went to a Spa.. it is not the same that the sea but was incredible, very relaxing, with a swimming pool outside near mountains and my skin turned soft, I’m sure that we will come back, I hope.

This week was very busy, we did a lot of activities with children because was “Spring green days!!” and that event started last Friday. I did my presentation about plastic in the ocean and Enrique also plays in Vigadó (Culture House). I could help in one bike competition that the winner is the slowest.. it was fun because I never saw that.

This month I did very different things, I went to my first classical music concert and was wonderful a very good experience and I’m sure that will go another time. Today night and tomorrow there is good festival in Sfantu Gheorghe with a lot of concerts and traditional market and we will go this evening until tomorrow to enjoy. I need listen live music and know more types of music. I will try this year to know more about jazz because is famous that type of music here. Other different thing that I did was cut Enrique´s hair and my hair..was my first time and its good to save money.

Some weeks ago children of Kezdikovar planted some lentils and beans and the picture is about that, was a very good activitie with them.

I don’t have more time, I need to prepare everything for next weeks, I hope that the forecast allow to enjoy a beer outside at Sibiu and Danube Delta. Next month I will write about that!!


Bye bye!

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