Brasov and Dracula's Castle

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This week I was alone..((( My friends - Enrique and Silvia had a few day holidays, so I was all alone in the flat. But in this week too I learn something new. In this case, more right to say I saw something new. I visited Brasov with one of my friend, who I met during the OAT. Brasov is a very beautiful city. We had a free walk tour and the guide told us interesting things about the city. Unfortunately because it was raining we couldn’t continue our tour but we know a lot about the city. The other day we visited the Bran castle. Yes!!! Finally!! I still can’t believe but I did it. I saw the famous castle of Dracula. The same day I came back by train to Targu Secuiesc. By the way, it was my first trip alone by train. In evening came back my friends, Enrique and Silvia. We missed each other a lot.

Then we shared our experiences, had a dinner and went to sleep.

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