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Now is summer, real summer- that summer which I like. Of course there is very hot but that is better than cold and rainy.

This is my first summer in Romania and I hope to enjoy it. And I did my first steps about it. I saw the Romanian miracle, the beauty in the mountains-the Saint Ana lake. That volcanic lake one of unique lakes in Europe. On of my friend told that the lake was formed from the tears of St Ana. Of course after that day my skin became a bit brown but nothing serious..))

Also me and Katika (Derzsi Katalin) did one important thing for me. We went to Saint George and applied for residence card. I hope to get it as soon as it possible because my friends going to travel and I also want to join them.

Green Sun Assocation organizes this week the family and health week. During this week was also a running contest where everyone had to run with his family. It was very interesting. Also we- the volunteers received new T-shirts which I liked a lot...))

Author: Zhenya Ohanyan

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