Let it be

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My mind is in summer, the birds are waking me up every morning and Is amazing to see the streets full of children playing there, actually, since I was here, I realised that children, at least in my neighbourhood, spend quite more time in the streets than in front of the screens, as they are used to do in Spain, and that is just amazing. Maybe is because they don’t have the chance to be in front of one Play Station or TV games because they don’t have, or maybe is because parents prefer let them discover the real life instead of the virtual one, I don’t know why is so big the difference, but It’s true.

Coming back to the start, my mind is thinking slower with hot, and I only want go with Silvia into a warm night with a fire in the seaside of a tiny sand beach with blue water and full moon, with one fresh beer in my hand and some friends in the other. Maybe is not very honest because someone could think that everybody wants that, but, call me dreamer if you want.

Changing point, my mother is visiting Bucharest and I will meet her tomorrow for discover all that Transylvania which still is unknown to us, as Sinaia, SIhishoara, Transfagarasan...

I also want to say thank you to those who will help us with the garden putting some water during our trip, without them maybe our efforts during last months would be lost.

Have a nice start of summer, and enjoy the life. Time is running fast and is a mistake to think that we have a lot.

A hug.

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