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 Enjoying the storm, I’m writing in our balcony. Hopefully will rain, that means will not be necessary go to field to put some water.. I’m tired!! Today was day off and I slept too much, also we were cleaning because Enrique’s brother and his girlfriend will come tomorrow.

19th July we arrived from Black Sea, was amazing. I felt in love with some Bulgaria beaches with transparent water, good weather, wild landscape and few people. We visited small villages with cute stone and wood houses, and we walked through their narrow streets. Before pass the Romanian border, we went to Vama Veche, a small village with a lot of party and we felt the free feelings that there are in that place. We camp in the beach and was an incredible sensation to listen the sea during all night and morning. We ate fresh mussel and different types of fish but I didn’t find octopus.. clams neither.. but was very good! Here in Kezdi it’s very difficult to find fresh fish, only you can buy frozen so was the good opportunitie to get all the good things that the fish provides us.

Our travel starts 7th July, before Black Sea we went to Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Bran, Sinaia and Transfagarasan, a very beautiful trip with Enrique’s mother. We knew some places like Sibiu or Brasov but always it’s a pleasure to come back. Until now, I can say that Balea Lake and Transfagarasan are the most incredible place I’ve ever been  in this country, amazing place where we touched and played with snow in the middle of July!! A crazy road with a crazy landscape close mountain's peak.

Not all was travel last days, we worked a little bit because we participated in two camps with children. We made Gyncana mixing water, strategic and ability outside games to enjoy with small and big children. Our next aim is a camp, will be 4 days in the middle of wildlife and hopefully will be good weather because we prepared activities like look starts or make a big fire outside. This month it’s very interestant and full with different plans because this week we will go to Timisoara, after will be the camp, after one week to prepare Kezdi days, after we will have another meeting with other volunteers and after will be Kezdi days. I will not have time to get boried smiley.

My personal aim this month.. or it’s possible to say, my new activitie, it's to design one mug for another camp in September. I’m thinking a lot and again I will use Photoshop.

About our field, I’m anxious to eat Padron’s peppers.. this month we will taste. We’ve already eat a lot of zucchini, cucumber, some tomatoes and salad. We are very happy because all that we planted are growing in the correct way.

It’s time to say goodbye, tomorrow I need to be fresh for Romanian class wink. If you want we have a new blog entry about our travel in Budapest long time ago (a good way to learn Spanish):



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