Nature - Source of life! - educational camp

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Between 23  -  25 September 2016, Green Sun association organizes a three-day educational camp in Bálványos co-financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The camp, called Nature - Source of life! wait for young people aged between 14-20 years, nature lovers, who believe they have the power to let behind for 3 days the phone, internet, etc. and who want to learn new things about nature and especially new methods of creative recycling. In addition to various programs based on non-formal methods our aim is ecological awareness and  raise awareness of the importance of nature preservation.

Deadline applications: September 3
More detailed information may be obtained at no. 0766.611066 and applications can be sent by mail to The number of places is limited. Each applicant must have 14 years (fulfilled until November 10. 2016) and must convince the organizing team through a letter of intent that his / her place is in the camp in September. Also by participating in camp consents to contribute to the costs of organizing with the sum of 35 lei. Participants in addition to total accommodation will be part of an interesting program and will have many surprises.

Translated by Derzsi Katalin