Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall (The Great Gatsby)

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Autumn…the colorful season. This autumn for me is really colorful. In spite of cold September I am passing hot time with hot people. During autumn GSA had, has and will have a lot of activity. September is already finishing but in my opinion October and November will be more interesting (national evenings, teambuilding…). Also we are already thinking about plane tickets for going back home. Yes, the life is going on, the time is running.

In 21 th. September is the celebration of  peace trough whole world. GSA celebrated that day in Kezdivasarlehey in the local sport center. We collected photography’s  from different people who also wrote what mean peace for them and we made on exposition. After we enjoyed seckler national dances and songs.

21th of September for me is not only World peace day. I can say that for me that date is one of the most important days, because  is the Independence day of Republic Armenia. Already 25 year my country is free and independent from Soviet Union. And during Peace day's exposition were 3 pictures made by armenians. One was my (Zhenya Ohanyan), second other armenian volunteer in GSA (Gayane Asatryan) and the third photos belongs the girl (Haykuhi Harutyunyan) who next year will be EVS volunteer in our organization.

My friends from Dragasani had midterm in Brasov. So I invited them to visit me. We spend really nice time. That tree days were amazing. We walked in the city, did some shopping. They liked Kezdi. I hope to see them again in my small town but before it I have to visit them. That is for sure because in Craiova will be Armenian girls la revedere party and of course we have to dance qochari (Armenian national dance).

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