Three incredible days in Balvanyos!

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 September is almost over and barely I felt the time passing. Last weekend was amazing, three days in the middle of the forest with bears in the surroundings looking for food because cold temperatures indicate the overwintering is close.  We worked there with nineteen children explaining them the role of people about recycling and with wonderful teenagers always is very good to work. I found it good ideas to use next events and I learnt more about that area. We trekking to small swimming pools with natural water that smells like the hell but is very good for a lot of sickness and of course, it remembered me Cuntis spa (same smell but in this case very cold water with bubbles). I’m in charge of making a video about the camp this week, hopefully they will like.

According with the season temperature outside is cold and that means our field is going down. Above all our peppers and tomatoes are dying but we collected a lot and now we have jars and jars of fried tomatoe sauce for winter. To have a field brought me back to many memories in Gortahork (Ireland) and also that experience was almost one year ago. Maybe we will continue growing our vegetables but is not sure, leeks and cabbages are still being big, so we have more things to collect. Always I’m speaking about our little piece of field and it's because from my point of view all time working there was very comforting, is very relaxing and help myself to think only in that meanwhile I use my hands to smash the land and plant the seeds (I don’t have any problem but sometimes my mind can’t stop thinking). Everybody needs a little piece of land, also you will receive very good vegetables without pesticides and more tasty than in the supermarket. One of the best thing having vegetables and a lot (like us zucchini) is try to find new recipes, yesterday I cooked zucchini cake and is very delicious (I recommend you).

Well, October is peeking with a lot of different activities thus will be good; Spanish lessons, football, 24 running event, team building…,. And maybe Enrique and me will travel to Bucharest (after six months here). Once again I’m trying to play guitar I learnt to be more patient this months (can be good or the opposite..who knows!).

Last but not least we are continuing writing our Spanish blog and this time is turn of Bulgarian coast where we enjoyed a lot. Very beautiful places with big and relaxing beaches:

Picture shows our team in Balvanyos camp with two girls who spoke about plants, mushrooms and the Nature 2000 protected area.

Is time to study Romanian language because we have exam next Friday and is not easy to pass when you have only Hungarians in the surroundings.


See you!

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