Leaves fall down

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Once again, and in this occasion, just arrived for our second camp with the Green Sun Association, I would like to write a bit about in what we are using our time last times.

September is about to finish and the trees are starting to turn into amazing browns. Hence, this was the perfect joint to arrange one camp in the middle of the forest. And how could it be otherwise, the best location was Balvanyos. With 19 teens gathered, we gave once again our best to teach them something about recycling and to think in a greener way, not only in the throwaway mentality which rules nowadays.

There was time to play, to do some trekking through the woods, to learn, to recycle, and even some brave swam in the swimming pool.

Definitely it was a really nice weekend with a marvellous group of people in an incomparable area full of wild-nature and fun.

This time, the language fence was less because almost with everyone we could understand each other in English.

Now our day in day out goes in some activities such ping pong lessons, or football with children. We are organizing Spanish lessons that will begin next weeks, moreover I want to start teaching guitar to a small group following days, but this is still blowing in the air.

Finally, our trip along the bulgarian shore is updated in our blog of travels and everybody can either have a look the pictures or practise some Spanish.

I wish the best to all of you.


A hug.

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