The life is going on

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November is started. As usual-months are starting very soon and also finishing quickly. The days are becoming colder and darker. And after few months I have to leave Romania. I don’t like to say goodbye, actually I hate the days when I have to leave (doesn’t matter where I have to leave and where I have to go). Yes, I am a bit or maybe very emotional.

Yesterday me and a friend of mine spoke about this. Of course I miss a lot my family, my friends and my motherland but here I am almost 8 month and Kezdi also became vernacular for me. Also here I am enjoying a lot, I am enjoying even during work. If my all lovely people where here, that could be perfect. But as Armenian proverb say-too good things never happen in one place.

So, about these 2 week. As I wrote in my previous article I wanted to start Armenian club.I made the poster, wrote an announcment but unfortunately nobody came. I was a bit sad because I really was very motivated to teach my language, to tell about my culture but I can do nothing. Now I made one poster about russian club.I hope now people will come because in this area some people are using russian. The cause is the komunism period.

Last weekend Green Sun Association all team was in Saint George. We played bowlling. That was a price for 1ts place in volunteer competition. We really enjoyed, had a great day.

I hope in my next article I will write how interesting was the first day the in russian club.

 Thank’s for attention.

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