Winter is here

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Well, the end is peaking up through the horizon and now, after 9 months prowling around these lands, I could say that all is becoming more familiar to me. However, this means that the surprising factor is fading out due to the reason that day by day is harder to find new things. Afterall, this is how life is working. Due to this, I’m looking back and all the experiences and emotions I have collected in the EVS baggage, meanwhile the future is facing harsh and competitive. Because of it, these Christmas days will involve reflexion and, somehow, future plans.

One important knowledge I got along this time concern my own skills of understanding other people risen in another context and another cultural education, something very useful to increase empathy and understanding on others, although the most important learning is about myself. Sometime is difficult to know who we are, what we love, and what we would like to be. Nevertheless, this reflexion involve time thinking about ourselves and usually we are not able either to do this own-reflexion, or strong enough to submit ourselves to the hardest exam ever, made by oneself. This year gave me the chance to think what I want to do, and what I really love and I miss. There is no point in living one life, the key is to build one.

Future scares. Too many people spoiling their only life between one job to another, trying to earn some money and become into someone, without thinking what they really like. Whilst here the EVS bubble has implicit that reflexion of the world, and furthermore, the practical full-covered background is allowing me to do whatever we want, and on the other hand, leave me time enough to think, to learn in what I’m keen on and overall, to be.

Another Christmas time, another year of wisdom, and keep going enjoying the journey. Understanding the past although living the present. 

Briefing a bit about last days, for second time, this time in Vigado, we had the chance to speak about our land in Spain, the region where we were born and risen and where we will belong forever. Was a pleasure share with some locales our culture and traditions. Furthermore, some days after, the local newspaper by the hand of on great journalist, made as an interview about how we celebrate Christmas in Spain, what It's a bit different from here as usually happens with places located thousands of kilometres away.

Best wishes for everybody.

Big hugs.

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