Let it snow!

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2016 is almost over and I can't say any bad thing of this year, I'm afraid of 2017 because it will be difficult to improve the last one. December started in the correct way, visiting Bucharest, which was the first important event this month.

Christmas time at home could not have been better, after 10 months in Romania was strange to come back, although return cannot be bad due to always find a lot of good moments with the family, friends and of course food on the table.

Now it's the turn of Poland, the first time that I will be out from home in this festive date, but my best travel mate Enrique will be with me. Another country to find out and surely a lot of pictures for remembering next years. Hopefully we will be able to eat 12 grapes, like Spanish tradition says if not its bad luck!

Everything around me its going in the perfect way but after this trip all will be fast. Hence that means the project will arrive to the end and I only can say good things about this experience. Now I cannot say that I never lived in a place full with snow, furthermore the fact of living in another country.

Whilst I'm writing this blog article I'm traveling by train and will be impossible to forget the white landscape, covering mountains and small houses. Development it's good but it's very important to keep the rural spirit and traditions, and hopefully if I have the choice to return in 10 years, I would like to find the same landscape, however its gonna be difficult because of the high rate of cutting down trees is wreacking havoc around this wild areas.(It's a hard problem here)

Romania is a country of contrasts and always that it's giving you a learning so I'm sure that I'm not the same Silvia that I was 10 months before. Next adventure will be totally different and near Atlantic Ocean but I'm sure that I will miss this and will be hard to live in the city again. Was a year full with new feelings and I cannot regret about any of them.

Now I must enjoy the last moments here and be ready for study hard, and of course keep learning, opening my mind, getting involve with another cultures and enjoying the life as maximum as possible.

I promise to Jeny visit her in Armenia so... who knows, maybe next summer I will delight with her a good coffee with sudjukh under Ararad mountain. (Of course I hope to see her also in Faro, Vigo or Palencia)

The picture it's about the last event with all volunteers from Green Sun and where we enjoyed some time together playing, eating and drinking.

It's time to read something about Poland so Happy New Year and I wish you a lot of good things next 12 months!

See you over the world!


Silvia Blanco.

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