2016, such a pleasure!

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One year ago, by this time, one Facebook message from "Attila the boss" - that time i was not sure neither who he really was nor even if attila was his name or surname- saying the project had been approved, hence the 2016 faced amusing and gave me the chance to do something totally different until then. And it didn't disappointed. This year has become in something quite special. I met people all over the world, I discovered as deep as i could both this amazing country and their neighbours all gathering in a really different lifestyle and way of thinking. That make me wiser and more critic in order to learn and understanding on others with different backgrounds and history. This part of europe is still far away from western europe however that makes their own identity, although it comes at a price, not only regarding to the low income salary or development, also due to the lack of opportunities or the struggling with some old minded people. But if i have to underlyine something is, on the one hand, my organisation and the beautiful labour they make everyday specially attila, the culprit of make everything flow with hard work and warm heart, and on the other, the wild and rural life what is really endangered by modern society. 

Now, in the way to Poland to welcome the new year, I really appreciate all what i learnt troughout this amazing 2016 which leaves, due to those crossed in my way, who made me better. Thank you so much.

Feliz navidad y próspero 2017.

See you next year.


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