Bad weather, good face.

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Just arrived from a historical trip around Poland, we find out that the cold wave which is wreaking havoc along Europe has not leave Romania aside. After facing with the lowest temperatures in my whole life (only in a few times the thermometer fell down below -20°C) here we found exactly the same… more snow and cold.

First of all, I will say that, despite the cold, Poland has surprised us in a remarkable way. We visited the main cities such as Gdansk, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. All of them with something special to highlight. We welcomed the new year at the riverside in Gdansk, when just over 12pm the fireworks flooded the dark sky and the firecrackers did not stop exploding all night long. As someone maybe already know, drinking vodka is a national sport there in Poland, and as you can imagine, during new year’s eve was quite difficult to find someone sober.

After, the country provided us, on the one hand, with beautiful cities and really taste cuisine and, on the other, with a really interesting history. We could learn from first hand all the history happened there, especially during last century. Most of cities were totally destroyed during the second world war, and is amazing to realise how they overcame and turn all that suffer into a learning in order to try to not repeat in future the same mistakes. One of the most shocking places was the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where more than 1 million of people lost their life.

Once here, we are trying to get back to work and trying to give our best for the last part of the project, which is about to finish. In less than 2 months all of this will be over.

We have a Spanish saying that says “bad weather, good face”, therefore more than never we are really happy to be here.

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