“Do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened”

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Well, the end is peaking out. This is going to be surely one of the lasts blog articles for me. Taking advantage that we are working on the youthpass -that official document which prove what you learn and which key competences you powered during this project-, I must to speak about how many learning proved me this year prowling around this area. But it will not repeat all that skills again and again… just to let you know that this was really worthy both at a personal and a pragmatic level.

My last activities are based on the making a short EVS promo video, where I’m trying to collect most of the activities carried out with the organization along the year. A small nuance to highlight is the fact that during the elaboration process of the video I’m trying to stick exclusively to that activities straight related with the organization, but my EVS, as you can imagine was not only the organization main activities… an important part of it was to travel as well. So between the Adobe Premiere and small activities my last days are running away. I feel excited of starting a new life, however one part of me will stay here.

By the way, some friends of mine came to visit me and after 11 months, I could feel this lands as part of me. They were really excited when we visited Sf. Ana lake, where was totally frozen and play and walk on the ice was a nice experience, but also trekking until reach the sulphur cave in Balbanyos, without forgetting the mandatory visit to the Spa with a taste meal after it. Overall, the lands are beautiful anyway but somehow if you feel it deep, you can show it with higher accuracy and love to those to whom this is totally new. This part, the surroundings and nature, is something I’m going to miss so much. When Silvia be back, we will try to get there and say our last warm goodbye due to we both love so much.

Now, in part because I have some time, I’m updating our Spanish travel blog. If somebody is curious about it, I leave you here the link.

To finish, I write you down here an inspiring phrase that decorates the wall of our kitchen during these last weeks…

“Do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened”

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