Riding for our health

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We didn`t have excuses, took our bike, rode it and did it! In spite of the weather, we rode bike around Kézdivásárhely. Children and parents could spend a good, funny and healthy afternoon. The meeting point was the sport center to start three kilometres, three kilometres to move our bodies. Kézdivásárhely from a perspective of a biker. Children were riding bike together with theirs parents, for some of them it was probably the first time to bike or they were begginers. The most important was to participate and see them doing sports.

At the end of the event twenty fortunate participants got free tickets for Christian Family Festival. There were flags for everyone, promoting the festival.

Finally, I would like to remember that it's something to do everyday, each day in your daily life, share it with your family, friends...whoever! 

Green Sun Association and Sport Office made it possible. Thanks everybody who participated! For more pictures visit the association`s Facebook page

Author: Carmen Gallardo Serrano

Photo: Derzsi Katalin and Fabok Zsofia

Sponsor: Erasmus +