Green Games in Ikafalva

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The Green Sun Association organized a “game day” where 22 children attended in Ikafalva on 24 of August. Me, Ayten Kurnaz volunteer from Turkey,and the other volunteer, Veress Nikolett Adrienn from Hungary,helped the association during the day.The best part was the game day that was taken place on the grassy land. Photos during the visit are available on the Facebook page of the association.

Before the game day,we arranged a meeting and discussed which games we can play with them or which materials we can use. During the day,they played wıth each other outside and also Derzsı Katalın, the project manager of association taught a few games.I tried to teach them Turkish kid song and they also tried to sing with me.That was the sweetest thing that I thought. At the end of the day,we ordered pizza and shared ıt together.We had a great time with children and I hope they felt same thing as we did.

Sponsor: European Solidarity Corps
Author:Ayten Kurnaz