The first Greek National Event

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On 28th of January 2021, Green Sun Association organized  the first Greek National Event in Vigadó Cultural House. The audience had the possibility to get to know general information about Greece, Greek culture and language.  As the whole evening was held in English, translation was provided in Hungarian language by Paula Lénárt. Photos taken during the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

During the presentation the audience got information about the location of Greece, the population, the financial and political situation and traditional food. For more they had the possibility to hear and watch some traditional Greek music and dance.

The people also learned more about Greek's religious status, strange, interesting and funny facts about greek mentality touristic places. Salome Pirtskhelava said: "I got very useful information regarding all popular/interesting topics like politics, economical situation, education , famous travel destinations, which is more useful for me for personal reasons, based on self experience. I enjoyed listening to Xenia's  personal comments for each topic which is more interesting for me than the general ideas.

I always wanted to travel in Greece, but after the event I definitely know that it is my first destination. I liked the dance part and even tried to dance at home". At the end of the event Xenia played a song on the piano.

Author: Ntanou Polyxeni

Sponsor: European Solidarity Corp