On Arrival Training

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Between 24th - 30th of April 2016 took place the On Arrival Training (OAT) in Sibiu-in the formal cultural capital city of Europe. This one week was very important and very interesting for all volunteers. 50 volunteers were separated in 3 groups. Each group has 2 trainer. Me, Zhenya Ohanyan, Enrique de paz Miguel and Silvia Blanco Gonzalez paticipated in this treining with the other volunteers. We know a lot of new things, our rights and we became more motivated. Photos of the event can be viewed on the association Facebook.

Our trainer say that real EVS is beginning after OAT and I agree with her. During OAT we made a lot of new friends. It was really amazing-during breaks you could heard conversation in different languages-Italian, Spanish, Armenian, Turkish, Georgian…And during intercultural evening every volunteer presented their country, their culture.

Besides all this, we visited the Astra museum in Sibiu. That is a village museum and really was amazing. It presented all Romania. Volunteers had to found our counties.. Unfortunately we couldn’t find Covasna county. The sessions during the training were very interesting. We know more about EVS whereby different intellectual games. After the game we discussed it and the trainers gave us useful advises. Also volunteer gave advises to each other. It was like exchange of experience..)))

The trainers also gave us opportunity to discover Sibiu. Volunteers were separated in  small groups and  discovered the city, one  group the unique windows, one- the bridges… And also we had a conversation with inhabitants of Sibiu about their life - social relationship, relationship between parents and children’s, etc. Also during sessions we did  moving exercises. They help us to have more energy.

In common that week was very useful and we made a lot of new friends from different nations, we know a lot of things about EVS and finally we became more motivated.

Author: Zhenya Ohanyan