Spring moving afternoon

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On 23rd of May, we met again for a new moving afternoon to promote the healthy life. The life outside our houses doing sport, meeting with the others, moving our bodies and refresh our minds. For more photos, please visit the association's Facebook page

Co-organized by the Sport Office of Kézdivásárhely Municipally and Green Sun Association the moving afternoon hosted around 150 people. Children were the protagonists who could choose from a lots of activities: RCA racing cars offered by BIA SRL, zumba - facilitated by Pap Agnes - was popular among our little girls, and a great party performed by 2 EASY modern dance group. We had a META championship, ping-pong, wooden games...and others games for running and jumping. All people could participate, the weather was good, the children laughed and the most important thing...they moved their bodies! Remember to laugh, to move, and to be healthy for the rest of your lives. See you in the next moving afternoon.

Sponsor: Erasmus + and Kézdivásárhely City Hall

Author: Carmen Gallardo Serrano.

Photo: Farkas Barna and Fabók Zsófia