“Bike for a good aim” event

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On 15th of September the Covasna Community Foundation had organize “Bike for a good aim” event in Sfantu Gheorghe. The activity started at 10 o’clock and ended at 1 o’clock.  

There were 62people participated from different organizations: 7 people from Green Sun Association, 12 from Zara Modem company and 3 from KSE Association, etc.

During the events the participants from Zara Modem won three free publicity place in the free publicity place in the newspaper Haronszek.

The Green Sun Association small group made 24 round, every round was 10 km.

Bereczki Miklos was the winner, who manage to bring 185 Lei for the event. He received a voucher, which cost’s 500 Lei. The participants who ride more then 5 circles got a diploma and a DVD. From Kezdivasarhely city Kovacs Tihamér, Tímár Akos and Medard Straua had receive diploma.For more photos please visit the association`s Facebook page. 


Author: Alen Margaryan