Peace day 2019

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On the 23th of September the Green Sun Association together with the Bod Péter High School, Women’s Association and the Sport Office from Kézdivásárhely organized the Peace day, connected with a Critical Mass bicycle parade, to join in the international movements to show the importance of peace, and to join in the Carfree day movement, in connection with the European Mobility Week.

Andrea Varga opened the event with a declamation of a poem by Miklós Radnóti, about peace. During the event, attendants and the audience could leave some message or a drawing, to represent peace on a textile 'wall', with or without their names. Then, a group of students from the 9th class of Bod Péter High School created a (semi-) flashmob in connection with the Rákóczi memorial year. Namey because Francis II. Rákóczi was selected as Hungary's ruler 315 years ago. Theme of the act was “The cuckoo sings in Rodostó”, teached it Emese Kis Hungarian teacher, secretary of the Bod Péter High School and active volunteer of the Green Sun Association. During the play, two students sang the song, "Fekete madár" (Black bird), then the group presented a novel by Ferenc Móra through acting.

After this came the concrete flashmob, when together with the audience they sang a recruiting song and formed the peace sign. Ágota Bagyinka, volunteer of the association read out loud this year's message by UN Secretary-General, António Guterres. The program continued with the bike parade around the town, which was about 3.5-4 kms long, and the mass took it in a comfortable speed. More than 70 people registered for the event and in the end of the day, some lucky ones won small presents. Luckily, people took care of each other, and respected the traffic laws. "Main goal of the event was to raise awareness of the local citizens and car drivers, that this is a small town and they can easily choose a more healthy, environmentally-aware and responsible way of transportation" - said Attila Ráduly, president of the Green Sun Association.

Sponsors, supporters were Covasna County Council, Mayor's Office of Kézdivásárhely and the Communitas Foundation, European Solidarity Corps. Mediapartners were Profi Radio, Szék-helyek, Siculus Radio,, Székely Hírmondó, Polyp Tv, Háromszék.

We would like to thank for everyone who took some moments to remember the peace and joined in the bike parade. Photos taken during the event can be seen on the Green Sun Association's Facebook page.

Author: Bagyinka Ágota